What to expect

Our aim is that both you and your dog enjoy the hydrotherapy experience in a relaxed and friendly environment. We aim to provide an individual treatment plan to suit your dog's requirements, easing them into a comfortable regime that gains confidence and reduces anxiety. We encourage you as owners to take part in the sessions (Not applicable during Covid), Sometimes you may get a little wet but that's all part of the experience.

We recommend that animals encouraged to defecate/urinate before attending your session and are not fed 3 hours prior to the session. It is so very important that the dogs do not defacate in the pool. If this happens we have to drain the pool and refill and this takes several days to complete and incurs the owner a £250 closure charge


The first session with us lasts 1 hour. During this our physiotherpist will take a full history and complete a thorough examination taking measurements from your dog. This gives a start point from which we measure progress. We construct a plan of the treatments we will carry out and discuss them with you. Your dog will not use the treadmill or pool in their first session. If your dog is attending for fun and fitness they will still need a physio assessment to ensure they are fit to swim for your dogs safety. 


*please do not feed your dog 2 hours prior to attending the centre

*please ensure your dog has been given the chance to toilet before arriving

*please do not apply any topical treatments such as flea treatment for at least 2 days beforehand

*do not attend if your dog has any skin sores, wounds, ear/eye infections, coughing, or had   sickness or diarhhea in the preceeding 2 days. 


What to pack in your dogs swimming bag

  • A towel

  • A coat or robe to go home in

  • Shampoo if you don't want to use ours

  • Dog treats or even better, squeezy cheese (we recommend primula) **Treats must be off a type that will not fall appart when wet.

  • A lead and collar (these will not be used in the pool or treadmill)

  • Poo bags in case of accidents

  • Any mobility aids or harnesses the dog requires to mobilise safely. 

We may shower your dog prior to swimming or using the treadmill to remove any dirt and debris from their coats. They will then be fitted with a bouyancy aid  or harness for safety and control. Then we introduce your dog to their first hydrotherapy experience.  (Fun & Fitness dogs will be expected to be showered by their owners before entering the pool) 

Some dogs take to it like ducks or dogs to water, others can be a little unsure or nervous. All our hydrotherapists are very used to this and will soon gain your dog's trust and confidence and before you know it they will be swimming like experts. It is not uncommon for dogs to want to leap into the pool or water walker before we have even showered them, they are so excited and keen to get started. 

Exercise programs vary from dog to dog but all of them involve intervals of exercise and rest for different lengths of time and intensity. The hydrotherapist makes observations and adjustments to how your dog is moving in order to improve their condition.  

After completion of their session we shower your dog once again to remove pool water from their coats. They are then towel dried which combines as a massage which they adore. We might give your dog a tasty treat or two after all their hard work. We just can't resist it.  Please tell us if your dog cannot have treats.  (Fun & Fitness dogs will be expected to be showered by their owners before leaving the centre) 


If your dog is attending for treatment purposes another physio assessment will be scheduled after 10 sessions in order to measure progress and report to your vet. 

If for any reason your dog is unable to attend for their booked appointment, please give us 24 hours notice where possible. A fee may be charged if no notification is given. We cannot accept your dog if they are suffering from any infection, have vomiting/diarrhoea, any open wounds or sores or if a vet has advised that the animal should not attend a session.

Unfortunately, due to busy schedules, late arrivals may not be seen and the session will be chargeed and rescheduled.