How To Find Us

The Bothy, Barwell Lane, Chessington, Surrey, KT9 2LZ

We can be tricky to find so I have provided comprehensive directions which I would recommend printing and bringing with you. Putting the postcode into your Sat Nav will not get you here. 

If you get lost please call me on 07545 372081​

**Warning. The lane is private and in places is not surfaced and has potholes.  There are also several unmarked speed Bumps. Please drive slowly and with care. We cannot be held accountable for damage caused by inappropriate driving.



  • Turn onto Barwell Lane from the A243 (Almost opposite Garrison Lane) 

  • Drive about 1/4 mile until you reach a white cottage with double wooden gates (Virginia Cottage). 

  • Pass the Virginia cottage on your right and continue up the hill.

  • At the top of the hill bear right, dropping slightly downhill past a sign saying PRIVATE LAND.

  • Continue until you reach the garden brick wall of Hunters Lodge

  • Stay to the left hand side of the wall and continue until you reach a wooden garage just to your right in front of you.

  • Turn right following the white sign for The Bothy so that the wooden garage is on your left.

  • Continue along this track until you reach a car park for the stables where you will see lots of horse trailers parked.

  • Once through the car park gate make a sharp right hand turn

  • You will see a set of chains marking the Hydro parking space. Please reverse into this space with the chains on your left facing the way you have just come. (If there is a car in this space it means the client ahead of you is still here, in which case please park on the right hand side (call us to say you are here)  and wait in your car until the parking space is available.  Please do not get your dog out of the car until you are in the designated parking place, then bring it straight into the centre as there is sometimes loose dogs in this area. 

         It all sounds very complicated but we promise that these instructions make finding us very straightforward ​