Case: Cranial Cruciate Ligament

Roxy was a very active dog and loved chasing squirrels and having long 2hour + Walks, then one day she refused to walk. Roxy's owners managed to get her to her feet and was horrified to find that she would not weight bear on her back right leg! After a visit to the vets the family were told she had torn her cranial cruciate ligament and would require TPLO surgery.

Since her surgery Roxy has been very slow at walking and has stopped running altogether. Her leg really hasn’t been right since. On walks She would hop on every other step and her walks got shorter to about 1/2 hour a day 😔 The vet could not offer any further solutions and suggested hydrotherapy.

When Roxy arrived at Barkers it was clear she was a dog who knew her own mind and in her opinion swimming was 'not for dogs!' It took alot of patience and a degree of bribery but we soon had Roxy confident in the water. Roxy's idea of swimming was to float and not use her rear end at all, we worked gently with her using our toolbox of hydro techniques to encourage her to use her hindlimbs. Tact was the name of the game with Roxy since she was apt to just downing tools and refusing to co-operate if she didn't agree with what you were asking her to do.

I received the following lovely message from the family after just 5 sessions of hydrotherapy.

"Since coming to Barkers Roxy happy to go for walks and the difference is amazing we will go out for more walks and she is much happier. We still have a little way to go but we have our happy girl back, she even takes us for walks now as you can see kin the video. We look forward to seeing her get better and better. (even if she doesn’t like swimming he he he) x x x"

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