Puppy Water Confidence

Some people mistakenly believe all dogs are natural swimmers. But while most dogs instinctively do a version of the dog paddle if they find themselves in water, that doesn’t mean they can swim – or even stay afloat.

Not every dog paddle is effective at keeping the animal afloat, and many dogs have no idea how to move toward shore or the side of the pool.

Getting your dog used to the water should start as a slow, gradual process. If your dog takes immediately to the water that’s fine, but most dogs require at least a little coaxing and reassurance before they get comfortable and become good swimmers.

After being encouraged into the water, our Hydrotherapist will be in contact with your puppy at all times during the session. They will be encouraged to swim and then rest on our platform in the pool. The swim time will depend on how your puppy is coping and will not be forced to swim.

  • Introduce your puppy to water in a safe and fun environment:

  • Heated pool to ensure puppies don't get chilled

  • Float coats to help gain confidence while learning good technique

  • Safe, treated water. No risk of fatal blue/green algae or bigs that could upset a puppies immature immune system

  • Staff in the pool with your puppy to ensure energetic young pups don't overdo it and avoiding the risk of fatigue induced drowning.

  • Ensure your puppy can swim before allowing them to swim in open water.

  • No risk of attack by nesting birds.

  • Toys and games to make it fun

  • 121 sessions.

  £60 for 5 sessions. 

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