terms and Conditions

1.  Dogs will not be treated without a veterinary consent form
2. Owners must notify Barkers if the vet advises that sessions should be stopped or suspended
3. Owners must inform Barkers of any change in the dogs condition before each session
4.sessions must be paid for on day of session, advance bookings must be paid in advance
5. session fees will be payable if cancelled at less than 24 hours notice
6. Dogs with Ear, Eye or Skin conditions will not be treated
7. regular reports will be made to the referring vet on the dogs progress. 
8. Please inform Barkers if your dog suffers from incontinence
9. barkers reserves the right to refuse treatment to any dog
10. Owners must not feed their dog for 2 hours prior to the session. 
11. Owners must ensure the dog has toileted prior to the session. 
12. All dogs must be kept on a lead at all times
13. Children are not allowed in the centre
14. Arriving late will result in a shortened session time
15. Please wear suitable clothing and footwear as you may get wet!
16. We cannot accept in season females, please reschedule your session if your dog is in season
17. if your dog has aggressive or behavioural issues please inform Barkers at least 24 hours prior to your session
18. we cannot swim dogs that have received topical flea treatments within 24 hours prior to session
19. We cannot accept dogs with open wounds, please reschedule you session.