harriet Birdsey:   Masters in Veterinary Physiotherapy (MVetPhys), ICH, BSc(Hons) Equine science and management, canine first aid. 

Veterinary Physiotherapist & Hydrotherapist

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I have always had a love of animals and have grown up around dogs and horses. I qualified as a veterinary physiotherapist in 2016 and then furthered my education by completing my masters in veterinary physiotherapy, with my dissertation focusing on canine cruciate ligaments and how physiotherapy and hydrotherapy can improve lameness and reduce the possibility of injuring the opposite leg. Since qualifying I have completed numerous CPD days and courses including a canine 1st aid course, an equine hydrotherapy course, different electrotherapy courses, up to date research on canine injuries and surgical repairs and a canine nutrition course. I have a great interest in diet and joint supplements and love treating specifically arthritis and soft tissue injuries.


I have a class 3B laser, a PMFT and a therapeutic ultrasound machine, which will be used on relevant cases.


For more info on the types of treatments I offer please click here 


Hannah Beard: Mirvap, ICH, L3 Hydrotherapist


Qualification Summary: 

⦁    Level 3 Small Animal Hydrotherapy with treadmill unit
⦁    Canine First Aid  

* Currently studying L4 advanced treadmill techniqes



Jasmine Day:  Part time centre assistant, Student 


J BARKER:   RCH, Mirvap

Founder, Centre Manager and Hydrotherapist 

My name is Jo, 

I have many years of experience in horses and dogs having worked with police horses and dogs, competed in agility and cani cross with my rescue dogs.  

Since developing spinal and joint issues myself I developed an interest in hydrotherapy and discovered that the one place I was not in pain was in the pool.  Since having to give up my passion for horses due to my health I turned my attention fully to dogs and have never looked back.  

I am a level 3 qualified hydrotherapist inc:

  • Canine anatomy and Physiology

  • Canine first aid

  • Canine conditions

  • canine assessment

  • Administration of canine hydrotherapy

  • Water management

  • Canine treadmill practice